Cool XP Tricks: Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the fastest ways to perform actions and commands.
Your XP has several shortcuts. You probably know some, like Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste), but are you aware of the more advanced commands such as minimizing all windows (WinKey+M or WinKey+D) when you need something from your desktop, or Winkey+E when you need to open My Computer fast?

Here are some of the shortcuts you are likely to need:

Delete- Del (Note: to permanently delete a selected item, press Ctrl+Del.)
Copy - Ctrl+C
Cut - Ctrl+X
Paste - Ctrl+V
Undo - Ctrl+Z
Redo - Ctrl+Y
Select all - Ctrl+A

Search - F3
Open START menu - Ctrl+Esc
Refresh - F5
Help - F1
Show desktop - WinKey+D
Minimize all windows WinKey+M
Switch users (or lock computer if you are connected to a network) - WinKey+L
show the system properties - WinKey + Pause/Break

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Welcome to Cool XP tips and tricks.

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