News: Internet Explorer 8 BETA released!

A new beta version of Internet explorer was released this week at the MIX08 conference in Las Vegas. According to Microsoft, the browser will render the Acid2 browser test correctly and supports CSS 2.1. It also has various other bug fixes and improvements. In addition to IE8, Silverlight 2 and Expression Studio 2 (all in beta) were released.


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How to cheat in Windows Solitaire

Open up Solitaire from Start -> All Programs -> Games

1. When clicking on the stack in the top-left of the game, three cards will come. To have them come one-by-one, press down Ctrl+Alt+Shift while clicking on the stack.

2. Instantly Win: Alt + Shift + 2

3. Illegal move. Drag any card anywhere and press Escape before you release it.

4. All cards up. Ctrl + A will move any cards up that can move to their suit deck.

Happy cheating!

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