Cool XP tips & tricks: How to assign scheduled tasks and automatically wake your computer.

Assigning scheduled tasks and automatically waking your computer is very useful, especially if you want your computer booted and virus-scanned before you arrive at work. There are various programs to do this, but it's not that hard to do it manually.

1.First go to Control Panel and choose Performance and Maintenance. Click the scheduled tasks icon.

2.Next click on Add Scheduled task to open the Scheduled Tasks Wizard.

3.Browse for the program you want to run or select it from the list. Type the name and select how often you want it to run.Press next and choose the time to run it. You might need to enter the username and password from where you want to run it. Check the settings in the final window and click on Open Advanced Properties for this task when I click finish, and click finish.

4.When the advanced properties window opens, click the Settings tab and choose Wake computer to run this task if you want.

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Cool XP tips & tricks: Automatically defrag drives

Cool XP tips & tricks: Sutomatic defrag (click to enlarge)

I found an article on the web the other day about automatically defragmenting drives and thought that I might just as well post a tutorial about it here. Basically, this allows you to defrag any drive by right-clicking on it and choosing "defrag."

To enable this, open notepad and paste the following code:

; context_defrag.INF

; Adds Defrag to the right click context menu in Windows XP




HKCR,"Drive\Shell\Defrag\command",,,"DEFRAG.EXE %1"

Next save it as context_defrag.inf onto your desktop or basically anywhere... (Note: be sure to save it as All Files and not Text Documents!)

Right-click on it, choose Install and you're ready to start defragmenting!

I believe the original article by Paul Thurrott is here.

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