Cool XP tips & tricks: Automatically defrag drives

Cool XP tips & tricks: Sutomatic defrag (click to enlarge)

I found an article on the web the other day about automatically defragmenting drives and thought that I might just as well post a tutorial about it here. Basically, this allows you to defrag any drive by right-clicking on it and choosing "defrag."

To enable this, open notepad and paste the following code:

; context_defrag.INF

; Adds Defrag to the right click context menu in Windows XP




HKCR,"Drive\Shell\Defrag\command",,,"DEFRAG.EXE %1"

Next save it as context_defrag.inf onto your desktop or basically anywhere... (Note: be sure to save it as All Files and not Text Documents!)

Right-click on it, choose Install and you're ready to start defragmenting!

I believe the original article by Paul Thurrott is here.

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