How to change your IP adress

If you get your IP blocked somewhere and you don't like it, then this can be pretty useful.

One way is to just turn off your router for some time, but most people don't have static IP routers and this won't help.

If that didn't help, then you have to renew your IP using windows' command prompt.

1. Type cmd into the run box from the start menu.
2. Type ipconfig into the command prompt. This will show you basic info about your IP address.
3. Type ipconfig /release. This will remove your current IP.
4. Type ipconfig /renew, and you will be presented with a new IP address!

You can also make a .bat program to execute these commands when opened.
To do this, open notepad and write all the commands on a separate line and save it onto your desktop as ip_renewer.bat. Make sure you choose All files when saving it.

It should be like this:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

(Tip: If you want to see your IP info and stop the renewer program from closing itself, type pause after the commands.)

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