5 tips to surf faster in the web

These tips will show you how to surf the internet a lot faster.

1. When typing a web address into the address bar, just type the website and press Ctrl + Enter to add http://www. to the beginning and .com to the end. E.g. you want to go to google: type google and press Ctrl + Enter. It's as easy as that!
(Note: this only works with .com addresses.)

2. Use tabs instead of separate windows. This is a lot faster and doesn't mess up your taskbar.

3. Use Firefox. Firefox is a much safer than I.E. and is also a little faster. It has many useful plugins.

4. Press Ctrl and + to zoom in the text and Ctrl and - to zoom out.

5. If you can't find what you're looking for on google and yahoo, try a metasearch engine such as dogpile, which compiles results from most popular search engines.

Happy browsing!

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