How to make an older program run in Windows XP

When you want to run a program designed for a previous version of windows, right click on it, open properties and choose the Compatibility tab. Check the box for run this program in compatibility mode and choose the operating system it was made for. If you aren't sure, try them all and see which one works best.

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How to increase your internet speed

By default, most systems have some bandwidth reserved for nothing. You can change this the following way: (Note: this only works in Windows XP Professional)

  1. Open gpedit.msc from the run box in the start menu.
  2. Navigate to: Local Computer Policy > Computer configuration > Administrative templates > Network > QoS Packet Scheduler
  3. Open Limit Reservable Bandwidth
  4. Check the enabled box and change the Bandwidth Limit to 0%.
Depending on your system, this might need a restart to start working.

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