April Fools' Day threats

Its fun to make a prank virus, but getting the real thing is not so great. April Fools' Day is a good opportunity for hackers to spread viruses, as people will open suspicious e-mails more readily, thinking they're jokes. You should avoid any emails whose sender you are not familiar with, and remember: if something looks malicious, it probably is.

Here are a few latest threats from Symatec.com:

1. Multiple sites affected in IFRAME attack

Many popular sites have been affected by IFRAME injection attacks. Ensure that antivirus software is up to date and that all Windows updates are installed. More...

2. Exploit targeting MS08-014 flaw released
A public exploit for an Excel vulnerability has surfaced. Malicious Excel files may circulate via email, instant messaging and file sharing. The issue was patched in the MS08-014 bulletin -- ensure that Excel updates are installed. Use caution when handling email. More...

More at symatec threat explorer.

So keep a clear head when surfing and avoid anything suspicious.

By the way, all these links lead to virus sites!

(Got you scared didn't I? APRIL FOOLS!!! Hahaaa)

P.S. I'd never link to anything bad.

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regcure said...

Wow, that is just wrong. You should not pull those kind of pranks